Dairy Headaches

Every once in a while I think, “Oh, it’s been so long. Surely my dairy sensitivity has gotten better. I can have just a little bit of cheese. It won’t be so bad.”

And then the dairy headache starts.

It isn’t a migraine, though it is a close cousin. It sits behind my eyes and presses against my brain and just hurts. For hours and hours.

I understand how this headache probably did cause migraines in the past, because I was having dairy all the time. At least I know how to deal with it now, which mean basically fasting until it goes away.

One of the problems with my dairy headaches is that they don’t start right away. It’s 2-3 hours after I eat dairy before the headache starts, which made it difficult to figure out. And generally I can handle trace amounts of dairy. It’s when I eat more than a little that I have problems.

Like, say, eating two pieces of gluten free pizza last night at our corporate midyear business meeting.

Unfortunately, the restaurant in question changed their pizza crusts. I had tried a bite of the gluten free crust before and it had been delightful. Last night? Not so much.

So I’m suffering today and it wasn’t even worth it. *le sigh*

But the midyear review was good. We went through the 2019 business plan, figured out where we were, what we’d done, what still needed to be accomplished, what we were shifting around. I know people who do this sort of planning monthly. And we do talk about the business constantly. However, doing this sort of formal review isn’t necessary that often, at least not for us.

I need to type up the meeting minutes today, file them with the official paperwork, update the 2019 plan to reflect the changes. Plus schedule the next one for November.

So that’s my exciting life. We got rain last night. Got the kitty new toys, which she really appreciated. Saw a baby nuthatch yesterday afternoon. They’re mouthy birds, and the baby was just as bad. And that’s about it.

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