Weird Urges

Yesterday was a weird day. Not a good day. I recognize that it could have been a very bad day, if I wasn’t hardcore keto.

Woke up feeling as though my cycle was going to start at any time. Felt that way the entire day. (Of course it didn’t start. It’s going to wait until I’m traveling this weekend.) Had a little brain, but zero focus. I couldn’t concentrate on any one thing for more than a few moments.

Very weird.

Then, come afternoon, I started having a sugar craving. I don’t get sugar cravings. I’ve never been that much for sweets – would always rather have something savory. (Though I do believe in the concept of “dessert first” – just not very much into the practice of it.)

I checked with Blaze, and according to him, I’ve had one, singular, sugar craving previously in all the time he’s known me. As I wanted to mostly stay in ketosis, I tried to satisfy the craving with salt and fat, which seemed to help. (4505 Chicarones.)

At the same time, I also had a chocolate craving. Again, not a common thing for me. That one had been going on since the night before. I finally made myself a decaf coffee with enough dark cocoa powder to choke a horse. I sweetened it with stevia. I personally don’t care much for the taste of stevia. But I figured actually using a real sweetener at that point would be bad.

Finally, after drinking that, my system evened out some. Could think a little better. Got through one of Blaze’s novels that I needed to first-reader, as well as started reading some research for the next novel.

I only managed 1500 words yesterday, and mostly because I’m so stubborn. I need to remind myself that writing is generally easy and a joy. Yesterday it was more work. Today it’s likely to be more work as well. But I’m still doing 1500 words today because I’m that stubborn. Obviously, I’m not going to finish this novel before I leave, and I’m just going to have to accept that, though it frustrates me.

Today I feel better. I’m not cramping like I was yesterday. Still tired. More brain. The feeling as though my period is going to start at any moment has receded, but not left.

I hope that your week has been going well! Tell me about your weirdest cravings. Normally I don’t get cravings. Instead, I just get a hankering for something, and it’s generally a food from my childhood, more about nostalgia than anything else. But that is why, sometimes, pancakes for dinner is the best self care for me. (^_^)

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