Woke up around 4:30 this morning with a splitting headache. Ow. I haven’t woken up with a migraine in a really, *really* long while. Last migraine was a couple of months ago.

I blame hormones.

I had a bad night last night. Woke up at one point with my heart just racing, as though I’d been running a race. It wasn’t dream related as far as I could tell. Just hormones playing silly buggers.

It’s an odd migraine. The secondary symptoms, such as light sensitivity and tinnitus are pretty mild. I primarily just have a horrible headache. But enough of the secondary symptoms are there that I am calling it a migraine. Particularly since, as I’m writing this, I realize that I have very little brain. Words are hard. That’s a migraine secondary symptom, and the strongest secondary symptom that I currently have.

Yesterday, I had a really hard time concentrating when I was working. That’s generally a sign of an oncoming migraine.

I’m rather annoyed at having a migraine this morning. I’ve been doing everything “right” as far as I can tell. Hard core keto. Exercise. I did mow the lawn last night, and possibly I got dehydrated. But it just isn’t fair.

Plus, I have work to do! Instead, I will just do what I can. Maybe get around to answering two weeks worth of emails. (^_^)

I cannot write fiction this morning. I learned that the hard way. While I could force it, the results would be bad. I’m not sure what I can do. May go offline and just weed for the morning.

And I am going to have to remake my tea. Ugh. Tried adding rose hips to my lovely Assam. That was a mistake. Just made it bitter. Or possibly that’s just me. Will try again.

I hope that you’re having a better day than I am!