Podcast and such

I was on a podcast yesterday. It was silly and fun. Go here (https://youtu.be/gKqoec9ybSM) if you want to hear me blather for 90 minutes about books, writing and such.

ION – today is a much better day. Feeling pretty good. Lots of brain. Still a little weak. It was pretty obvious when I did yoga this morning that I was still recovering slightly.

I have a high school graduation to go to this evening. Commencement is being held outside, at an amphitheater. It’s rather warm at this point. Cooler than yesterday, but still hot.

So this morning, I tried on one of my favorite summer blouses. I couldn’t wear it last year at all – it was far too snug. However, this morning, it was only slightly snug. I could wear. I’ll probably wear something looser. But I was pretty excited to realize that though the scale may not be going down, the shape of my body is definitely changing.

Despite it being a meh day yesterday, I managed 2000 words. I had no brain. It was pure creative voice writing. I just ran out of both time and energy after a while. I have no fear of those words being bad. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I wrote. So will cycle through them today, make sure they hold up, and then continue on.

I’m really loving the novel I’m currently writing. This is the last of the Wind-Stone-Sea trilogy. Things are wrapping up nicely. Even though this is the third book and I have a clue where it’s going, I am constantly surprised by events and twists and turns. It’s been awesome.

I think I know what my next project is as well. Pretty excited about it too. Will have to do some research on it, as it’s going to be all about tea and coffee and such. There was a coffee shop in Renton that had a signboard outside offering a “Coffee Ceremony.” No idea what that entails, but will need to go and experience that. You know. Research!

And I think that’s it for me today. I hope that you’re having a lovely day. Do you remember your high school graduation? Anything special stand out from that time in your life?

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