There are two things I’m going to talk about today in terms of word count. First, about the current project. Then I’ll talk about my midyear accounting.

I am normally all about the word count when it comes to writing. I have a fuzzy daily goal with a stronger weekly goal. Normally, it’s all about, “sit down, shut up, write.”

And then I have the current book. It is going SO SLOWLY. I will figure out a scene. Write the scene. Then I have to take a break, possibly not write anymore for the rest of the day, while I figure out the next scene.

Kind of makes me crazy.

Yet, every time I figure out a scene, I want to go write it. I love this book and these characters. I already have the plot – I have the novel synopsis written. But my brain is rejecting writing into the dark at this point. I have no idea why.

However, there’s no fear. I must trust the process. And the process changes from book to book. My hope is that once I get further into the book (I’m about 3000 words into what feels like a 60K novel) that it will start to go faster.

I think it will. Though I’ve written *lots* of cozy short stories and novellas, this is the first time I’m starting a cozy novel. It’s also a brand new series. So I think my brain is also reacting to all the newness. Okay, so maybe there’s a hint of fear – that I want to get it right. Except fuck that shit – I can fix it once it’s on the page.

So I’m not hitting word count at this point. I think it’s okay.

Midyear Accounting

To date, I’ve written 366K words. If I match that in the second half of the year, I’ll write 732K. According to my calculator which figures out my actual word count rate, it thinks that if I stay on my current pace I’ll have 743K.

My actual goal for the year is 750K.

Which means I’m so close at this point. Merely 9000 words shy, which if I’m feeling well, is three days worth of writing.

This month, I currently have 55K. (Not sure how much I’ll get done on the novel this morning, so that might be 56 or 57K. We’ll see.)

I’m concerned about my health. I’ve had so many days in June that have been “meh” where I haven’t been anywhere near my word count goal. I was seriously thinking about dropping my goal down to 700K, or even 650K. Which I may still do. I’m going to give it another month, to see how July goes, before I make any adjustments.

The main reason I’m so close to my goal is because of the writing marathon that I did in May. So I’ve scheduled a writing marathon for myself in October. I don’t know at this time if it’ll be just me, me and Blaze, or if we’ll open it up and try to get a group of people together.

While I wish I had actually hit my midyear goal of 375K words, I’m really close, and that makes me happy. I am also aware that telling myself that all I need to do is to work harder in order to make the actual goal is a lie. I’ve been working hard every day that I can. So I’m giving I’m giving myself the grace to fall short on this occasion.

What have you accomplished in the first six months of the year? What are you looking to do before the end of the year?

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