Been kind of a this and that sort of last few days. I hope to do a second blog post later today about all the pretty flowers that have been blooming out on the property.

We’ve had a tremendous number of birds this spring. I’m filling the feeders every day at this point. I counted over a dozen goldfinches at the one feeder this weekend.

I’m continuing to harvest herbs and dry them. Just did the one patch of mild oregano. Will do the more pungent next. Then probably more of the feral oregano. Plus more of the mint. Will be giving some of the dried herbs away. The chocolate mint continues to be my absolute favorite type of tea, though, so I think I’ll end up keeping all of that. Am trying the orange mint with some Earl La Creme this morning. Verdict is still out. (Verdict is: I don’t like this tea on its own. I added a spoonful of coconut milk to it to make it taste good.)

I continue to adore my new productivity planner. Yes, I suppose, you could just call it a to do list. But I have a mind set that goes with it, that I never had with a plain to do list, which involves taking care of the most important things first. It’s kind of awesome.

I’ve maintained my walking 10K steps a day. Today I’m hoping that instead of going into the gym, I get to mow. We’ve got lots of property that needs mowing. But I’m slowly increasing my speed on the treadmill at the gym. I was at 3.3 mph, and am now at 3.5, working my way up to 4.0.

Haven’t lost any weight. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to face the inevitable and start tracking calories. Sigh. I know that lots of people lose weight just by going keto. I just eat too much, I figure.

I wrote 12K words last week, instead of my 15k goal. I figure that was in part because I was sick for one day, and then on Sunday, I wrote 1000 words and had to stop. I could not figure out where the novel was going.

Finally realized that I had started that chapter from the wrong POV. I will need to throw out everything I wrote yesterday and start over. It happens.

We did buy a new (to us) truck yesterday, trading in the old truck and my little red Fiat. It was actually a fairly pleasant experience. We bought from a truck dealer in Puyallap. The sales person only worked selling cars two weeks per month. The other two weeks he was back on his ranch, with a bunch of cattle and horses. We bonded over the fact that he didn’t necessarily live with his wife full-time either. And the finance guy was also really lovely. I would recommend them.

The new truck is named Bubbles. The mini-cooper is named Baxter. I am currently looking into getting a wrap around the truck, streams of bubbles, along with Knotted Road Press’s logo and information so it becomes a business expense. And possibly adding a bubble machine to the rear as well…Because we can. (^_^)

We put out a translated German edition of “The Science Officer” a couple of weeks ago. It’s selling so well that we’re starting the process to get the next in the series translated. It’s kind of awesome that we have something in German.

And that’s kind of it for me today, though I have Thoughts on other things that I may or may not post about at some point.