Figured I’d post some of the pictures I’ve taken recently of the flowers that I’ve either planted or have just sprung up.

So – LOTS of pictures! 

Crabapple with snapdragons! Planted in the upper meadow. I can see all those colors from the tiny house.

Forget me nots – and I have lots of them blooming in the partial shade. Can see a lot of lovely blue color from the tiny house.

The first blooming blackberries. These are the vine blackberries, that grow close to the ground and produce really small, delicate berries.

The Honeycrisp is in full bloom this year. If you look underneath, you’ll also see the strawberries are all in bloom as well.

Roses! One of the nurseries was giving away rose stems with some roots growing. I’ve put the roses into separate pots and they’re kind of going crazy. Probably won’t have any blossoms this year. But next year, stand back.

One of the Japanese maples. I had a very fertile Japanese maple back at the house in Seattle. I have half a dozen Japanese maples on the property that I’ve grown from seeds.

I have a pot that mostly contains carnivorous plants. However, an opportunistic pansy found its way there.