One More Day!

Yes, for one more day the first three books in the Seattle Trolls trilogy are free! Free! Free! So if you’re interested in a fun, light read that’s kind of silly, while at the same time explores concepts of family and acceptance, jump right in!

And a big thank you to everyone who has already read these books. If you’re interested in helping an author out, feel free to leave a review as well.

In farm news – we planted a bunch of mint last year. We plan on letting the mint take over along the edges of the house. I now have four different types of mint around the house: apple, orange, peppermint and spearmint. I have wintergreen planted in the box, chocolate mint growing wild in the yard, and I’ve planted sweet mint over near the rest of the herbs.

Last year, I harvested a little bit of the mint. Not a lot. It was still getting established. I did learn, however, that fall is not the time to harvest mint. It needs to be harvested now, in the spring when it’s going crazy.

So I’ve been harvesting mint the last couple of weeks, drying it and putting it into jars. Then using it in my teas.

Made the discovery that the chocolate mint is MAGICAL in one of my teas. Holy crap. It’s amazing. I’ve tried using peppermint, spearmint, and apple mint, and this morning I’m trying the orange mint, but nothing has come close to replicating the taste with the chocolate mint. Wow.

While we’re planning on giving away some of the mint, I may selfishly hold onto all the chocolate mint for my tea! (^_^)

And that’s it for this morning. I hope that you’re having a lovely Wednesday. Today, I deliberately take myself out of ketosis. Am looking forward to a glass of wine with dinner tonight. And half a cupcake. Do you ever treat yourself with food? Tell me your favorite foodie indulgence!

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