Different Day

Yesterday was an off day. I hadn’t slept well the night before, and it really affected me. I didn’t even try to do 10K steps – I didn’t have the strength. (I did have the will. I could have pushed myself to do it. But that wouldn’t have been smart.)

Plus, I had a very sick kitty yesterday. She threw up three times and had bad diarrhea. She was also lethargic for a cat. Finally came downstairs and ate some of her food at 2 PM, but she hadn’t even been interested in treats earlier.

Finally around 9 PM she started feeling better. We even played for a short while. Then she took an enthusiastic leap from the bed. She stopped immediately. The internal dialogue was obvious. “Ouch. Don’t do that. Not yet.”

She seems fine this morning, ate her food right away. Don’t know what it was that she caught, but am happy that she seems to be over it.

This morning I got to watch Papa Downy Woodpecker and Junior at the feeder. Junior sat on the branch and Papa went to the feeder. He’d get some suet, then fly over and sit next to Junior and feed him. Junior flew over to the suet feeder a couple of times, but he landed too high and couldn’t figure out how to adjust himself so that he could eat as well.

Papa flew off after a bit. Junior stayed there, looking at the feeder, then looking at where Papa had gone. Again, the internal dialogue was obvious. “But I’m still hungry!”

Yesterday, I spent most of the day hanging out in the tiny house. I don’t do that very often. It was kind of nice. I worked on some formatting that I really needed to do. Will do that again today.

I did sleep well last night. Went to bed early, around 9:30. Was so tired I didn’t even need the relaxation techniques – just dropped off and managed to stay mostly asleep all night. Until 5 AM when the kitty woke me up because she needed skritches. But that was okay. I fell right back asleep until 7:30. Which tells me how off yesterday was – on a normal night, seven hours is all I need. Sleeping ten hours like that tells me just how tired I was.

Today, more writing! More formatting! More bird watching and kitty purrs! Such an exciting life I lead. I’m telling ya. (^_^)

I hope that your life is being fabulous to you!

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