Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

“The Troll-Demon War”–the first book in the Troll Wars trilogy, as well as the fourth book in the Seattle Trolls series, is now available!

Generally, when someone asks what is my favorite book, my reply is that it’s whatever book I’m currently writing.

And while that is true (I adore the novel I’m currently writing, the second of the wind-stone-sea trilogy) I also must admit that I also really love this particular book.

In many ways, I feel as though this book is the most commercial book I’ve ever written. It follows a hard three-act structure. I think the characters, while wacky, are relatable in some fashion. The setting is both urban (takes place in Seattle) as well as epic (takes place in Trollsville and other exotic locale.)

These books gave me the opportunity to explore Christine growing up. The first three books in the Seattle Trolls series were all about her figuring out her place in the world, so more new adult than young adult.

The next three books are all adult. It’s tackling that first major job, which just happens to be badass warrior princess. Plus it’s about war, good people dying, and failure. As well as success.

In order to celebrate this book’s publication, I have such a deal for you!

For TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY, the first three books of the trilogy are free!

Yes, “The Changeling Troll”, “The Princess Troll”, and the “The Fairy Bridge Troll” are all for free!

But this won’t last long. Just 21st and 22nd.

Hopefully, after you devour those three (should only take you a couple of days – they read fast, like most of my books) you should be able to come back and sample “The Troll-Demon War”. And if you like that, the next two books in the series, “The Troll-Human War” and “The Troll-Troll War” are available for preorder now.

One other note – even if you haven’t read the first three books, the second three are totally understandable without them.