I had planned on writing about this earlier, but I had so little brain, I couldn’t. I’m finally mostly recovered. There may even be fiction words this morning, though I gave myself until Monday to recover if necessary.

In brief: I loved the workshop, I learned so much. There are things about writing in Vegas that I need to address for the next workshop.

For those of you following along at home, the mystery workshop was a five day workshop that took place in Las Vegas, taught by the fabulous Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

These are intensive workshops. They are not for beginning writers. A beginning writer would hurt themselves doing this sort of workshop.

One of the things about these workshops is that you write. A lot. I wrote two short stories, four novel sketches, and was assigned three writing technique exercises, but I only finished one. Plus class every day. Plus you get to read the other writers’ stories. Oh, and on the last day, build your own anthology. And write an introduction.

So, lots of work. Fortunately, I’d been to other workshops in Lincoln City, so I was prepared for the work.

What really threw me was getting a migraine. It was the first migraine I’d had in 217 days. Because I was in Vegas, and I was attending a class, and because my hormones were all over the place, the migraine lasted for two days. Ugh.

As my period had arrived late Thursday night, and as this was the multiple period cycle, my period was mostly over by Sunday morning, then restarted again Sunday night. So the migraine, which began Saturday, and had died down some on Sunday, came back full force Sunday night.

However, being in Vegas didn’t help the migraine at all. I need quiet and to sit on my butt a lot when I have a migraine. Instead, I was in constant noise (the Saturday night concert across the street was divine) and I had to walk a lot. I still wrote and did as many of the assignments as I could.

I was in a standard room, which wasn’t that comfortable. They do that on purpose – they want you out and spending money, not hanging out in your room. At the Anchor, where I used to stay for these sorts of workshops when they happened in Lincoln City, I had a suite, so a second room with a couch in it.

Next time I go to a writing workshop, I must absolutely have someplace to write. Whether I get a suite in the hotel or stay at an Airbnb close by, I don’t know. Don’t need to make that decision yet.

The best part about Vegas, however, is that I have lots of options when it comes to food. That was something that made Lincoln City difficult, and more difficult as time went on. We would have to bring much of our own food, and would go grocery shopping for the fresh stuff. Then, because my lovely husband would come with me, he would cook for me.

Because I’m so much healthier than I was, and because we’re in Vegas and I can get food, I no longer need my support staff with me at a workshop.

So, despite the migraine, the mystery workshop was fantastic. If you like mystery, or you want to learn more about mystery, I’d strongly recommend this workshop. Ping me with any questions.

Do you read mystery? Who is your favorite mystery author?