The 2019 Write Stuff!

I’m in a new bundle! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!

The 2019 Write Stuff bundle is now LIVE. OMG does it have some marvelous books in it! I’m really excited about all of these. It includes books from Laura Anne Gilman, Mindy Klasky, Joanna Penn, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Tonya D. Price, Kevin J. Anderson, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Blaze Ward, and ME!

You’ve heard me talk about this book before. It’s the “Growing as a Professional Artist” book, part of the Business for Breakfast series.

I do not dislike any of my books. Seriously. Why publish a book if you don’t think it’s any good?

However, I’m really proud of this book.

My husband teases me sometimes about being a life coach. He’s right, actually. I do do life coaching on a regular basis with some people, and on an irregular basis with others. We actually talked about whether or not I wanted to monetize it, how I would go about doing that, getting clients, charging for my services.

I eventually came to realize that I’m never going to do that. I wouldn’t feel right about making people “clients” or asking for money for advice that I am happy to give away freely.

So instead, I wrote this book. It contains a lot of the advice I’d give if I we were having coffee together.

However, the book isn’t specialize, not like how a conversation would be. What I tried to do was to ask the right questions. There are “check ins” sprinkled liberally throughout the book.

While this book contains lots of good advice, I firmly believe that the true power of this book is the check ins, where YOU sit with the questions I’ve asked, YOU discover YOUR truth.

This isn’t a book that contains all the answers. Instead, it’s more of a guide to help you grow along YOUR chosen path.

So I hope that you’ll pick up the bundle. Not just for my book, but for the others which will also move you forward on your career path.

Just remember, this bundle, like many good things, won’t last long. You’re going to need to pick up your copy today!

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