Last night, I took a gamble and bought and ate a piece of chocolate of unknown providence, i.e., without reading the label.

Paid for it by developing a headache bad enough that it was nearly a migraine. Or at least as close to a migraine as I get these days.

Fortunately it stayed just a bad headache. It’s much better this morning. I’m still tired, but I have brain, and I believe I’m still going to be able to write. If this was actually a migraine, my head would be filled with fog and putting words together would be hard.

Construction finished yesterday. We have a gravel trench all the way around the box. Because the contractors incorrectly estimated the amount of gravel we needed, we ended up with extra, that they put onto the end of the driveway and smoothed out for us. (!!!)

Most of my driveway is now paved/graveled. I am so pleased.

Last night we bought grass seed for fixing the yard in various places. Plus, we’re going to put down grass seed over the areas where they spread the dirt they dug up for the trench. The yard is going to look much nicer as a result.

These are the guys we hired:

I would re-hire these guys in a heartbeat. Am going to leave them five star reviews on Yelp and Home Advisor later today.

The other near miss – I sometimes run across people who I would like to help. They write posts about their self-publishing woes that are full of misinformation.

I want to reply. I want to correct their misconceptions. I want to offer help and advice. I write up responses that I then, eventually, delete.

I can’t really help these people. They do not want to become a publisher. They don’t want to spend the time it would take to research their chosen profession and make smart choices. Instead, they spend their time trying to create a trad pub-like career and wonder why they’re failing.

I have a hint for you – indie publishing is its own beast. Plus, the world has changed. And that’s all I’m going to say about the matter or else I’ll just rant and rant. (Have already deleted several hundred words on the topic.)

I hope that you’re having a lovely Wednesday! What is your best, surefire, headache cure? Mine generally involves drinking water with salt in it, meditation, and mindful walking.