I have plants hanging from my shelves, drying. This is, for me, a sure sign of spring. Plus, BUNNIES! Have been seeing them out in the yard the last couple of days. And the goldfinches have returned. I have a couple out at the feeder right now, a fairly plain female with an OMG NEON male.

And now a downy woodpecker has just flown up. I have a lot of them, and have noticed at least three different ones – a male (bright red full crest) a female (no red spot) and a juvenile (small red spot at the top of his head.)

This weekend, I’m going to start harvesting the oregano, primarily the wild oregano. It is more mild and sweeter tasting than the Greek or Italian oregano (of which I also have plenty.) It also has different colored flowers than the stuff I planted. We didn’t plant the wild oregano. We discovered it. There are now four patches of wild oregano. Possibly 10 square feet of oregano. We figure the seeds are just blowing around, creating more patches.

Normally, I start sleeping less at the start of spring. This has been such a wacky year, though. This past weekend both Blaze and I came down with a very mild cold. I’m feeling better now, but I’m still sleeping a lot.

I’m hoping that later this morning I can actually go outside to write! And I will write, not just look at the birds and the bunnies. (^_^) The novel is going well, though it’s in a pretty dark place right now. I’m about halfway finished with it, will be done in the next couple of weeks.

We’re having a writing marathon in May, as always. I have the last of the Witch’s Heart series that I’m going to write that week. However, as that’s a shorter novel (most of them are around 40K) I’ll need to write something else as well. Probably the next B4B, maybe a couple short stories – not sure.

Then I’ll write the last of the trilogy that I’m currently in, the Wind-Stone-Sea trilogy.

And then…I have no idea what I’ll write after that. Maybe one of the mystery novels that I sketched out for the mystery workshop. Quite probably, it will be something completely new that I won’t have given any thought to until the day before I start it. I like doing that. I know other people plan more, do a lot more world building than I do. That just doesn’t work for me. I want to dive in and discover everything fresh and new.

One last note – the BOGO is still going on! Send me an email with your receipt from StoryBundle and I’ll send you the newest B4B, Covers for the Professional Publisher.

Hope that your day is going well! What are you looking forward to this week?