I’m going to have to admit it – I have a migraine. Breaking my record of 217 days of being migraine free.

*le sigh*

The problem is that I’m in Vega, in the middle of a craft workshop. Am resting this afternoon, getting in a few words but not as many as I need. My hope is that this passes quickly.

What brought on this migraine? A combination of things.

One, I’d been vaguely headachy the last few days. Had gotten a lot better yesterday, most of the headache was gone as of last night. But it was still slightly there.

In addition, last night after dinner, I stress ate. On the first day I was here I went and got a vegan donut for myself. Just a few bites of it doesn’t bother me. Last night, I had more than a few bites. So I suspect that the wheat/gluten in the donut has affected me.

Then at midnight last night, the alarm clock in the room went off. No idea why. Might have been the cleaning person who changed the setting on the alarm clock when she was here. But I had difficulty falling back asleep after that, and I really need my sleep right now.

But the biggest culprit, I believe, has been hormones.

First of all, my period started just after I arrived in Vegas. Yay?

More importantly, I haven’t been able to really take my hormones for the last two days.

It was my fault. I had ordered more hormones but they didn’t arrive before I left.

In my defense – I’ve been getting my hormones from the same company since 2006. Before now, I’ve had problems receiving my hormones twice. This makes the third time in 13 years. I think I can be forgiven for not anticipating having problems getting my hormones.

I have them now – had the pharmacy ship them to me overnight. But it wasn’t soon enough to stave off this migraine, which started maybe 30 minutes before the package arrived. I suspect if I’d been able to take the hormones an hour before I did, I might not have a migraine now.

So why am I writing this and not working on the story I need to be finishing? Or resting? (^_^)

I frequently use these blog posts as a way to “prime the pump” as it were. Plus, today at least, my ability to put words together easily for this post tells me that I can actually write. The words may be slow, but I am going to get them down onto the page, damn it.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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