Finally started the next novel yesterday! Yay!

Didn’t get as many words written as I would have liked. But that was because I was still being stupid about the novel and ran out of time.

This is the second novel of the Wind-Stone-Sea trilogy. In the first novel, the first chapter was from the point of view of a wind person. The second was from a stone person, and the third from a sea person. Then I started over with the wind person POV again, and so on for the rest of the book.

For the second novel, I’d gotten it into my head that I wanted to start with the point of view of a stone person, then sea, then wind. However, my brain kept insisting that the stone person POV start in a place that didn’t make any sense. It was far too late. Book one ended in a cliff hanger. I needed to pick that back up.

Finally, I proposed to myself – what if instead of starting with a stone person POV, I go back to starting with a wind person again?


There was chapter one, all in my head. And chapter two suddenly made sense.

I know better than to fight with writer brain. She generally knows what she’s doing, and does it well. I needed to get out of my own way, out of critical brain who’d decided to do things one way and just let creative, writer brain dictate what actually needed to go on.

This morning, I’m really looking forward to getting back into the book.

Now, while I may say I know what chapter one is, I really only have a vague idea. I’m writing this into darkness. One of the things that impressed me when I went back through book one was how complex these novels are. Plus, writer brain puts things in without me realizing it. One of the reasons why I had to go back and re-read book one before I could write book two was because there was stuff in there that I didn’t remember. Pretty sure I didn’t put those events in there. It was completely unconscious. I needed to find all those things before I could start again. Will have to do the same thing before I start book three, because I will write at least one novel between finishing book two and starting book three. Possibly more.

Yesterday, Blaze and I put a bunch of plants into the ground. Am a little sore today. Spent a good long time stretching on the mat this morning. Will continue to stretch today. But also, have been walking a lot more. It’s good that I’m doing that. I’m so happy that spring is here! I will try to remember to post pictures later.

But now – back to the fiction! I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday!

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