I’ve had almost two full weeks of being well. YAY! It’s been so nice to have so many good days in a row. This past winter was really hard. The last time I’ve had such a long streak of good days was probably December.
Looking forward, my best guess is that I’ll have nine more good days before I have a bad day. And it’s really a guess. It might only be five days. It might be fifteen. Not a clue.
I’ve been pretty hard core keto for the last couple of weeks with a few days off here and there. Plan on sticking to that. My hope is that by staying compliant, instead of half a dozen bad days (which was what happened last month) that I’ll only have two bad days, and that they won’t be that bad. That was what I managed in Jan and Feb. We’ll see.
On the one hand, it’s depressing to be looking forward and knowing that without a doubt the bad days are coming. I keep trying to escape them with diet and exercise. I haven’t managed it yet. I will continue to try, however.
I am curious about this next cycle. I’ve started exercising again. Did a wonderful bodyweight workout this morning. My core are going to be sore. (^_^)
Will all the exercise lessen the impact of the bad days? That’s the hope. Will it have no impact? Also possible. I can’t imagine that all the exercise and getting healthier is going to make the bad days worse.
The good news, and what I have to remind myself, is that without the diet, without the exercise, I’d be looking at only a couple of good days per month. The rest of the month would be bad. I wouldn’t be writing. I wouldn’t be functioning. I’d be angry all the time, and probably suicidal. I wouldn’t be where I am right now.
I just checked. It’s been 202 days since my last migraine. I’m still astounded by that. I used to have 12-15 migraines per month. Before 2015 when the bad migraines started, I would have between 1-4 migraines a month, and had done so every month since I was 18. Like clockwork. Always had one migraine 2-3 days before my period, and then a second during my period. Other migraines may or may not happen during a particular month, depending on my stress levels.
Now, on the bad days, I still get headaches. When I have too much sugar or too many carbs I get headaches. My body does not like sugar or carbs. I tend to thrive on the keto diet.
Anyway. Back to the fiction. Finished the first chapter, will start the second now, and it finally makes sense!
I know there are a lot of you reading this who have been able to better your health through diet. Let’s celebrate your wins today!
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