I’ve been having some issues in the mornings. It’s one of the dietary changes I was alluding to earlier. For at least a year, I’ve only had my tea in the morning. Now, by “only” tea, I do mean tea that has both coconut oil as well as coconut milk in it. So I’m still getting calories, and fat, but no solids.

Recently, my stomach has rebelled at that. I discovered that I could no longer drink my tea on an empty stomach. I needed to have something in my stomach first. Not a large meal, but a snack, like a hotdog or something.

Since I was looking to cut out some calories, I figured I’d try drinking my tea black. It only made sense to me that it was all the fat in the coconut oil and milk that was upsetting my system. So that meant I could cut out the morning snack as well.

After all, when I was having lots of migraine, drinking tea without anything in it as part of fasting was one of my sure-fire cures for my migraines. I used to do it all the time.

Yeah, I guessed wrong. Just tea by itself upset my stomach so much that I lost a couple of hours of writing time yesterday morning.

Now I have a dilemma.

Do I want to find some sort of tea that won’t upset my stomach, that I can have plain? That sounds like a lot of work, with more than one iffy morning if I guess wrong.

Do I just want to skip my tea in the morning all together? That feels like I’m depriving myself. There are a lot of things that I don’t eat anymore. Mostly I’m good with that, but sometimes it bothers me. No longer having a hot beverage in the mornings just sounds depressing to me.

Or do I continue with what I’m doing? That doesn’t feel right either, subjecting myself to something that I know is actually upsetting to my stomach.

*le sigh* Will figure it out in the fullness of time. (^_^)

In better news, I did a full yoga routine this morning, first one I’ve done since before Vegas. I had been doing yoga, getting to the mat, but I’d been doing a “half” routine, only holding a pose for the count of 10 or 15 instead of 20 or 30. I didn’t want to push too hard when I first started getting back to it.

Got outside a lot yesterday, even with the iffy stomach. Will try to do more of that today. The snow continues to retreat.

Oh! And I have my first flower! I had planted dwarf irises last fall, primarily because the package listed them as deer resistant, though I don’t believe regular irises are. And one has already come up! It’s a really pretty purple color.

Mind you, it came up in a spot where I didn’t remember planting any irises. I had thought only daffodils were in that area. However, I had moles in that area late last year. I bet that a mole pushed around the bulbs while it was digging.

So back to writing. Hopefully will get in a full morning today. Still working on the Business for Breakfast: Covers for the Professional Publisher. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like for me to go over in such a title!