Before I was able to quit the day job, I worked as a technical writer. For decades.
One of the things that the day job instilled in me was the expectation of change every three to four months. I would learn a new technology, or start working on a different product, or even switch teams.
It took me FOREVER to realize how deep that training went. All I knew was that I would establish a routine – whether that be writing, exercise, or eating – then suddenly, it would stop working. I would flail for a while, then need to figure out how to recreate new, different habits.
Once I realized that it was the software cycle that I kept living, I was able to identify what was wrong much more quickly and adapt.
Still kind of makes me gnash my teeth. But trying to force myself to stick with the existing routine is pointless. Brain won’t do it.
The thing I most recently figured out was I generally need to change the thing I “work” at the most. Which has meant my diet has needed to change regularly, while still being keto with lots of veggies, etc. It’s why my writing routine hasn’t really needed to change. Yet.
*le sigh*
I’m at that point right now. One would think that since I haven’t been on a as much of a predictable diet due to Jan, Feb, and the first half of March, that I would have more leeway in needing to change. One would be wrong.
I started making changes yesterday. Will see what else I need to change this weekend. Am hoping that by the start of next week, I’ll have most of the new “diet” in place, though it will look remarkably like the old diet in many ways. Just some changes here and there, enough to feed that part of my soul that insists on regular change.
I’ve felt awful the last three days (T, W, TH). That was strictly due to hormones. Fingers crossed, that’s it for this month. Otherwise, I’ll probably have one more bad day, then I’ll be fine until my next cycle.
The good news is that today is a good day. I actually did some yoga this morning, not merely stretching. (However, instead of holding the poses for the count of 20-30, I only held each pose for the count of 10. I don’t want to push too hard.)
It always surprises me how good I can feel, how quickly I can bounce back. It’s so hard to be in that bad place though, when I’m struggling for words, only managing 250 words in an hour instead of my usual 1200 w.p.h pace. I’m hoping to actually finish a short story today.
I know I owe people email. Will get to that today.
What sort of habits has your day job instilled in you? Do they work for you? Or against you?