It finally feels as though my life is getting back to normal. Yesterday, the last of the snow melted from the yard. It was kind of awesome this morning to look out and not see any snow. (!!!) I also have two more of the miniature irises blooming – another purple one and a blue one. In the next day or so I should have crocus blooming as well, purple and yellow. (YAY!)
In addition, I’m getting up in the mornings and doing stuff. Yesterday I got up early and went to the gym. I’m not doing anything crazy at this point. Merely starting to move more. Putting in a little bit of time on the elliptical as well as the treadmill. Getting in more steps again. Did a full yoga session this morning, as well as a focus pose. Feels good.
I’ve been in the tiny house now for about a year. I still love this place. There are things that I’d like to change, shelves to rearrange. Stuff that I kept because I thought I’d want/need it, but I don’t.
I have a hot plate for cooking over here in the tiny house. I have used it once. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it again. First of all, I don’t do a lot of cooking. I do much more assembling than cooking.
However, I’m not getting rid of it. Not yet. Going to wait and see how this year goes, and if my habits change or not. If my habits don’t change, at about this time next year, it may go bye-bye.
I do use my microwave all the time. I will reheat leftovers on a regular basis over here. And I make tea. That’s about it.
I still have what I call “the dance of the tiny house.” I can never do two projects at the same time. I always have to finish and put away whatever I was working on before I start the next thing. Particularly when it comes to “cooking.” This does mean that there are rarely dishes in the sink, as I’ll wash those and set them out to dry before I start the next thing.
The other thing I like about the tiny house is that it doesn’t take a long time for me to clean it. Sweep the floor, use the little hand vacuum, dust, wipe down the counters – about 30 minutes, total. I need to do a deep clean, possibly this weekend, and move the chair out and sweep under it, etc. But overall, I feel as though I’m able to live in a cleaner environment, which is good for me. Less visual noise.
This morning I made coffee for the first time in the tiny house. Actually went and fetched my aeropress out from the barn. I don’t plan on drinking coffee every day. But there are days, like today, when I desperately was craving coffee. I’ve discovered that when I have a hankering like this, my system doesn’t react badly to the coffee at all. Who knows?
I hope that you’ve been having a lovely week!