Kitty woke me up around 7 AM, demanding cuddles and skritches. Much purring. A few minutes later, we heard a loud WHOOOSH.

Melting snow sliding off the sloped part of the roof of the tiny house.

I took this as a good sign.

However, it’s still snowing this morning. Nothing like the previous storm, where it snowed constantly with heavy flakes for 27 hours. (We got at least 2 feet of accumulation. I’ll see if I can upload a couple of pictures later today.) This morning, we’ll have really light flakes for a while, then it will stop. Right now, it’s heavier flakes again. Am hoping it stops. Soon.

This morning I also woke up with a really bad headache. I figure today’s the two-to-three-days before my period type of day.

It’s hard, particularly since yesterday was so good. I wrote 3200 words. I accomplished a lot. Today – not so much.

Although, to turn that around and focus instead on what I CAN do today – I can edit, and I do have first reader comments to incorporate into a novel. I have a few books I need to format. There are things I can do.

I’m just hoping that we’ll have internet today. We don’t have cable or DirectTV. Our ISP is Verizon. We have a special booster/modem that allows us to access the internet via cellular.

Yesterday, after the power went out for about two minutes in the morning, we had barely any internet for most of the day, until about 6 PM. No cell signals either. We figure a tower got taken out by the power outage.

And I think that’s all I got. I will try to write. I will try to focus. There are things I can do, that I will do today.

But there will also be naps.