I finished writing the current novel yesterday! Yay! It’s almost 39K. Am hoping that when I go back through it, I’ll pick up enough words to push it over 40. It’s the next Witch’s Heart book, and all of them are right around 40.

In addition, I figured out that it was the 38th novel that I’ve written.

Yeah, I’m kinda gobsmacked by that number as well.

I won’t get to 50 this year. I will get to 40 by May. There may be a small celebration when I finish my 40th, as well as a larger one when I hit 50.

I cannot thank Dean and Kris often enough for giving me this second chance at a career, for pointing out the door so that I could go kick it in.

I am not going to make my word count for the month. For those of you playing along at home, my goal is 62.5K every month, so that I’ll reach 750K by the end of the year. January I reached 70K. This month, I’ll reach 50K. That averages out to 60K. And I believe that’s what will happen through the rest of the year – some months higher, some lower, but the average will work out.

This morning I’m starting a short story, an urban fantasy for Uncollected Anthology. As I have most of the story in my head I may be able to finish it as well. We’ll see how long it is, as I have PT at 1, so I can’t just keep writing if it goes long on me.

Yesterday we celebrated the first anniversary of Blaze no longer having a day job. Or as he calls it, no pants day, the first day when he no longer had to get up and go into an office. I’m really proud of my husband and all that he’s accomplished in this last year. We went out to breakfast as part of our celebration, and spent a good chunk of time talking about IP valuation. Because that’s what we do.

ION, the snow is still slowly melting. We got close to five feet total accumulation over the course of a couple of weeks. It’s going to be slow to melt. I am resentful. I don’t have spring when I should. I should be delighting in the flowers coming up and blooming instead of looking out on a field of stark white.

I am keeping the birds well fed, and Blaze will continue doing that while I’m gone. Hopefully, a lot of the snow will melt too!

What are you looking forward to doing today? Me, I’ve got packing for the trip to do.