The adventure continues!

We’ve had a ridiculous amount of snow for this area. Seriously. It’s at least six inches over the threshold of the door to the tiny house. It’s up to the bumper of the truck. The other cars are completely covered. And it’s still falling.

Supposedly all this snow is going to turn to rain later on today. I’ll believe it when I see it. We tend to be colder than area around us. But it’s right at 32 according to the thermometer attached to the tiny house.

Fortunately, I woke up feeling much better this morning. This snow has been stressing me out. I’ve been grumpy. But we got out yesterday, at the start of the snow storm, and everything was fine.

This morning, I was finally able to treat this like the adventure it is. I think a few things helped me finally get my attitude adjusted:

1) I’ve gotten back to doing yoga every day. 20-30 minutes of it every morning. That just helps with everything the rest of the day.

2) I’ve been making a serious effort to get outside every day, as well as trying to get in more activity every day.

3) I’ve gotten back to eating 6 cups of vegetables every day.

That last one is probably the key to me being better today. I’m back in ketosis and I’m eating lots of veggies.

I tried to write yesterday. Wasn’t really happening. I ended up journaling, writing to myself, processing some of the emotions I’ve been having. Then, when I got back to the novel, I finally figured out that I need some idea of what happens next.

I had the main plot of the novel. If I only wrote that, this would only be 20K words. I needed to add in something, either a believable subplot or another twist or something.

Am thrilled with what I came up with. It’s very fitting for the character, the books, everything. Fits really well with the plot. I’m really excited about this novel again. This is a good thing.

Blaze and I talk about what we call “the giggle test”. When I’m faced with more than one writing project, I always choose based on what’s going to make me giggle more. In my original plans, I was supposed to start this novel back in November. But it wasn’t going to make me giggle. I ended up writing the “Huli Intergalactic: Origins” novel as well as “A Wind Blown Torment” instead of the novel I’m currently working on.

I need to have projects that I like, that I will enjoy while I’m working on them. Even the novels that are emotionally difficult to write, I still find satisfaction. I don’t believe in writing something I hate. The readers will know it.

And the power just blinked. Went off for a couple of minutes and came back on. Am posting now. Fingers crossed we maintain power!

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