Had some bad news yesterday, made me sad. Dealing with other stuff as well. Lots of pressure because I have to do All The Things before I leave for Vegas (which includes getting all the tax forms ready for my accountant…)

Then I made the mistake of going to Costco while I was hungry. I felt smacked in the face with all these things I don’t eat. I honestly got depressed for a while.

We were able to drive the truck all the way up the driveway without it getting stuck and having to dig it out, which helped. First time we’ve been able to do that since the snow.

Once home, I made myself pancakes, with butter and maple syrup. I have a Simple Mills almond flour pancake and waffle mix that I start with. Yum.

Then I sat and played games on my phone while listening to the Popstyle Opinion Fest podcast, by Tom and Lorenzo, or as I like to call them, my two gay uncles. (Two New York fashion bloggers who are fabulous and opinionated.)

Today, I’m paying for all that sugar. Headache and brain fog. It was totally worth it. I needed to break free from the routine. I know I’ve been doing that a lot lately. A big part of it is because every day, when I look outside, all I see is snow.

I grew up in MN. I’m used to snow. However, there’s a reason why I no longer live in MN. I am not thrilled by all this snow, that will probably not melt until April. I am really not thrilled with feeling stuck, unable to just get in my car and go someplace.

Fortunately, I leave for Las Vegas on Wednesday. (Blaze will hold down the Homefront with the kitty while I’m gone.) I know, I know. Even Vegas has had some snow recently. It isn’t like it is here, still a good foot deep and everywhere I look.

I’m hoping that by the time I return that my car will be dug out. If the snow hasn’t melted enough, when I get back, the first thing I’m going to start doing is dedicating time to shoveling that long ass driveway of ours so that I can get my car out.

Only did 1800 words yesterday. Part of that was due to my head not being in the right space, but partly it was a time issue. Started slowly, had to deal with things, then didn’t have time to stay writing.

I hope that your Saturday is going well, and that you’re able to care for yourself however you need.