Getting There

One of the things that I truly enjoy is watching the birds at my feeder. Because of the snow, I’ve had to fill the feeder frequently. Now that it’s a little warmer, I’m also able to keep the water clear so they have fresh water as well.

The mix of birds has changed. I used to get the occasional spotted towhee. Now, they are frequent visitors, at least two, possibly three of them. Towhees generally only feed on the ground, under the feeder. This morning, when I came down, one of the towhees was actually sitting on the seed feeder, trying to figure out how all this worked.

I used to only get the occasional fox sparrow. Now, I have three or four of them who feed regularly. As well as four varied thrushes.

I have both a hopper seed feeder as well as a suet feeder. Some birds, like the northern flickers, just eat at the suets feeder. Others, like the downy woodpecker or the nuthatch, move from one feeder to the other.

The thrushes have been diligently trying to figure out the suet feeder. They can’t quite get their heads in between the squares of the feeder. I had this feeder in the city because I had squirrels. Since I haven’t had a problem with squirrels out here, I may change to a feeder that doesn’t have the extra cage around it.

This morning, we have what they call a “winter mix” falling. The temperature earlier was colder, and there were big fluffy flakes. Then it got a little warmer, and it was more like rain. Then it got colder again, and now it’s freezing rain. I’m grateful that I don’t have to leave the tiny house in order to go to work. (^_^)

The plan today is to dig out the other cars and at least start them. We can’t move them anywhere, not unless we dig out more of the driveway. If it gets warmer, we may try to get the truck up the hill. We may not.

I’m still trying to catch up with everything. I’m so far behind and trying not to freak out about it. I’m pushing myself this month, to see if I can make my word count despite having such a rough start to the month. I do not want to have to do this every month, but I might have to for the next few months. March is the anthology workshop, where I’ll have a week of not writing. April is the mystery workshop, and while I’ll do some writing there, I don’t know how much.

But then in May I should be able to make up for any lost ground, as we’re still planning on doing a week long marathon someplace. That’s where we rent a house/cabin for a week with a bunch of writer friends and just write. My goal is always 10K words/10K steps per day.

I hope that you’re Tuesday is productive. Tell me about the view out of either your work or your writing window. Or if you don’t have one and prefer it that way.

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