Yup. Period started this morning. I’m just gonna say, “ow” and leave it at that.

I really need to be more hard core keto, particularly during the week before my cycle starts. I wasn’t getting in all the veggies, was eating too many carbs, and now I’m paying for it.

If I had a 28 day cycle, this period would be 5 days early. I don’t have anything resembling a normal cycle, though. So I can’t predict my next cycle based on my last one.

However, I was able to accurately predict that today would be the first day of my period. I’ve started tracking my ovulation. For the last three months, it’s been an accurate indicator of when my period is going to come.

One other thing – I believe that a lot of my stress and anxiety about the snow was in fact hormonal.

Your ovaries take turns. One month, one side will drop an egg, the next month, the other side. The ovaries also produce hormones, like progesterone. Once I learned about this, I realized that I have patterns that occur every other month.

For example, last month, my cycle was heavier, longer, and toward the end, looked as though it might start all over again. (I was near the end, spotting, and then one morning, had fresh blood.) That’s the ovary that produces crazy shit like that, like last August when I had seven period during a single month.

This month, it’s the anxiety ovary. Because I was worried about the storms and the snow, I didn’t recognize how much of my worry and stress was actually caused by my hormones.

When I’m more strict about my diet, these patterns are much less noticeable. My cycles are smoothed out. Hell, I barely noticed my period the last couple of months.

One of the things I also know, the diet has an accumulative effect. If I stay hard core this month, I may have a completely smooth period next month. Or it may take two months for all the symptoms to die down again.

But this was a good reminder to me as to WHY I am following this diet. And why I need to be more strict about it.

I still hope that once I actually reach menopause that I’ll be able to be less strict about what I eat. Then again, I may end up being hard core keto for life.

ION – things continue to melt around here. Every time I look up, I see drips coming from the roof. Temperature says it’s about 40. We even had some blue sky for a while yesterday. (!) Today it’s all cloudy again. Really windy – all the snow has been blown off the trees.

I’m going to try to write a little this morning. This blog post was pretty easy to write, which tells me that I have more brain than I thought. I’m at the start of a new chapter and I’m not sure what happens next.

I hope that you’re having a marvelous day, as stress free as possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate!