This morning finally feels like I’m having a more normal day. Of course, the snow has already started falling, so we’ll see how long this lasts. But it’s been a week. Hell, it’s been a year. We’ve just had a rough start to 2019. Here’s hoping that the rest of the year is going to go more smoothly!

I’m at the tiny house this morning. Spent a LOT of time on the mat, stretching after I woke up. I needed it. I haven’t been doing yoga regularly this week, and it shows. My body is pretty cranky. Mind you, I haven’t been doing yoga regularly since before Christmas. Today it felt good to get back on the mat.

It was difficult, however, to stay there, stay present, as it were. We’re expecting another bout of snow, and the flakes are already drifting down. So every time I’d look up from my mat, I’d see the snow falling. Which would distract me. 

I slept tense last night – woke up with my jaw clenched. It’s because I’m worried about the snow. I know I shouldn’t be. Can’t seem to help it, though I’ve been trying with doing some meditation, a lot of smile therapy, etc.

Will we lose power? Possibly. Depends on how heavy the snow actually turns out to be. We’re going to go get the camping gear and bring it into the house just in case. We have enough meat and veggies if we get snowed in. We have the four-wheel-drive truck to get into town if we need to.

Yet, I worry. And it’s been difficult to let go of.

I made myself my own flavored tea this morning. I started with a base Assam, then added rose hips, ginger, cacao nibs, and pieces of dried apple. It’s very bright, due to the rose hips and apple. But I like it.

I have a ton of birds out at the feeder. Mostly the usual juncos, chickadees, and nuthatches, but I’ve also had some fox sparrows, spotted towhees, northern flickers, stellar jays, and downy woodpeckers. They’re emptying the feeder on a regular basis. I’m also putting out water for them to drink every morning (taking the container back in at night so it doesn’t freeze.)

It was fun earlier this week – both the hairy woodpecker and the downy woodpecker were at the feeder at the same time. They have identical coloring. However, the hairy woodpecker is at least a foot long. Huge bird. While the downy woodpecker is robin sized.

And I just had a bird come visit that I can’t identify. It might have been a varied thrush, though this one had a lot more orange across the back than the pictures I’ve found. I’ll look more later.

I hope that your Friday is going smoothly, and that you have a weekend to look forward to. We’re kind of hunkering down and not planning on doing much. If we keep power, may end up “marathoning” this weekend, and just writing lots and lots.