Yesterday, after I finished posting my blog, I went upstairs in the tiny house and sat down for a short while, getting ready to start the fiction.

Suddenly, I get hit with a wave of anxiety.

What the fuck?

Why did I suddenly have anxiety? There wasn’t anything. Was there something offensive in the blog post?

Nope. It was hormones.

It wasn’t a huge anxiety attack, just a little spike. (Though writing about it now, I get that same feeling back.)

I keep telling myself that this was good information for me.

First off, I’ve always said that I’m not normally anxious. And yesterday was a very typical day for me. So when the anxiousness hit, it was completely foreign. It was not me feeling anxious, I was being made to feel anxious by my stupid hormones.

Second, I need to get very diligent about taking my vitamins. One of the vitamins that I take is a stress B complex vitamin from Thorne Research.

The last time I had a lot of anxiety was October, back when I started taking those vitamins. I haven’t had a lot of anxiety or nervousness until recently, when I’ve not been taking my vitamins as regularly.

Now, since I hadn’t been having any anxiety, I’d actually considered not taking those vitamins anymore. I’d like to take less pills, you know? Maybe just the diet was taking care of the anxiety.

But no, I think the pills also help.

Yesterday was the first day Blaze and I were able to leave the property since Monday. It was lovely to get out, and to get to the grocery store.

However, I’m also a little depressed. We went down to Enumclaw for lunch. It’s spring down in Enumclaw. All the snow is melted, it was at least 45 degrees, nice warm breezes, warm sunshine, etc.

When we reached the corridor heading back up toward the property, we were suddenly back in winter. No grass showing, just snow everywhere. Temperature stayed the same, but the breeze was cooler coming off the snow.

Then, the truck got stuck going up the driveway. Had to dig it out four times. Today, both Blaze and I are sore. Lots of physical activity digging out wet, heavy snow out from under a truck where the axels were impacted.

I am SO looking forward to when spring actually arrives on the property! Fingers crossed that the next two days are warm enough for much of the snow to melt.

Hope that you’re having a lovely weekend wherever you are. Today is the Seattle Writer’s Lunch. If you’re a writer in the area, and would like to be invited, let me know! It’s in Bothell.