Traveled to Vegas yesterday. Went to bed last night wondering if that headache of mine was actually going to turn into a migraine or not. Turns out not, as I’m *much* better this morning. Still headachy, rolling into the morning slowly, but not in migraine land, which, yay.

It’s been 174 days since my last migraine. Almost half a year. Kind of astonishing. I remember blogging once about how I didn’t know if I could ever completely quit my migraines, but that since they were down to just two days per month, I could live with that.

Now that I know I don’t have to have migraines, I am just as pleased to live without. Though I suspect that at some point, I’ll probably have another migraine. But I can live with that as well.

What caused this headache? Several things, as I don’t believe in a single cause for most things. So it was a combination of traveling, the shock of being in Vegas with all the lights, noise, and smoke, and I ate a seaweed salad that probably had things in it (like soy sauce with gluten) that probably tipped me over the edge.

Today I take it easy, hang out in the hotel room, write, read, and relax. Tomorrow the workshop begins in earnest. Yet another adventure.

I hope that you’re having a lovely day, wherever you are, and that your adventures aren’t to stressful.