So, I was sick for most of the past month. That meant that while I couldn’t write 3000 words a day, I still wrote almost every day. In addition, while I couldn’t work for hours at a time, I still would work for a few hours every day.

Because I was so concerned with making my word count for the first month of the year, I pushed. If I write 6000 words over the next four days, I’ll have made my word count for January, which honestly kind of amazes me. (I’ll write more about that at the end of the month.)

However, what that also meant was that I honestly didn’t take a full day off unless forced to by illness. That did happen at the start of the month, but toward the end of the month, I was working, and writing, absolutely every day.

And yes, I’ve been here before. And I always end up with problems when I do.

This last week, I managed to finish my word count on Saturday. That meant I didn’t have to write on Sunday! A day off! Woo hoo!

But Sunday is the first day of my work week, supposedly. Just because I wasn’t writing didn’t mean I wasn’t working. Right?

Yeah. I was able to do a couple of things. That was it. I spent the rest of the day goofing off.

I can forgive myself for not being able to keep working. I need to take days off. I just wish I would remember before I work myself into this exhausted spot.

I will do what work I can this afternoon – dentist appointment later. I know I owe people things and I will send them along either today or tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I’m close to finishing the current novel. I think there are four more chapters, plus maybe an epilogue or two, and it’ll be done. Will quite possibly finish it this week. Luckily, I already have a clue about the next novel. Need to do a little research for it. Plus, I need to read through the previous novel so I can send it to my sweetie to read.

Work of a writer. Or a publisher! Never done.

I hope your Monday is going well, and that you were able to take some time off this last week.