I first got sick on Christmas Day last month. At this point, I’d consider myself well, however, I’m still building back my strength.

Yesterday, I went to the library for the afternoon to work. (We don’t have great internet out here on the property so I frequently go into town, to the library or to a coffeeshop, to do internet work.) I put my headphones on and just worked for hours.

I was supposed to do that last week, when I was in Seattle, but I really couldn’t, as I was still recovering. Plus, my cycle started and that just wiped me out.

When I got home yesterday, I found I needed to rest for a short while, as I was pretty tired from working so hard at the library. But it also made me happy, the fact that I could work that hard and that long again. And that taking a short break was all I needed in order to recover.

This morning, I did most of a full yoga set. I even did a balance/strength pose. It felt wonderful to finally get back to that. I’m standing more as well. Not yet back to standing for most of the day, but I’ll get there.

I’ve been sicker for longer. Like the time I was living in WY, and got mis-diagnosed. Turned out I had a sinus infection that had lasted for six months by that point. Two weeks of heavy antibiotics took care of that, and I built back my strength quickly.

And I’m not going to even think about having a thyroid condition from when I was about 28 until I was 45. Or the hormones, and the doctor who told me that at 39 years old, I was too young to be starting menopause, basically implying that it was all in my head.

Fun times.

So while I’m frustrated with my slow progress, at least I know I’m getting better, and that I’ll be able to build my strength back.

The writing is going well. I blew past my monthly word count goal of 62.5K yesterday. I’ll do a post with all the numbers on Friday.

I hope that you are having the best day possible! Tell me about your day or your plans.