Period started yesterday afternoon. I felt fine in the morning, got 3500 words of fiction done, plus a blog post.

But by the afternoon, I was spacey and tired. While I’m here in Seattle for the week, I was planning on working for hours and hours, as I normally do.

Yeah, not so much. Worked for two hours, slept for an hour and a half, ate dinner, worked for a couple hours, then vegged.

We’ll see how I do today. I’m going to try to write, but I suspect that I’m not going to get as much done today.

Every novel seems to have its own pace. There are novels where I regularly break into 2000 words an hour. There are novels where 1000 words is a normal pace. This novel’s pace appears to be about 1500 per hour. Today, I would be happy with 1500 over the course of two hours.

Then, I’ll do what I can in the afternoon, though I suspect that I’ll actually be better come afternoon, as it’ll be around 24 hours since the start of my cycle, and that’s generally about the amount of time it takes for me to feel better.

One thing to note: I didn’t have a really awful day before my cycle started. Sunday I was kind of out of it and tired. But I still wrote and did stuff. I would be very happy if that became the new trend – that I had a meh day a few days before my cycle started instead of an awful day.

And I think that’s about it from me today. I’m going to sit down and see if I have any fiction words today.

Hope your Wednesday is going well!