YAY! YAY! YAY! The newest Business for Breakfast book, Growing as a Professional Artist, is now available!

I’m really proud of this book. Though none of the B4B books are that long, this is the longest, coming in at 18.5K.

Now, I’m going to say something I’ve never said before.

If you like this blog, if you like what I have to say about writing and art and life, you should buy this book.

Blaze teases me about being a life coach. And we’ve talked about how to possibly monetize that. I eventually realized I will never charge for the advice I give to people one on one. That just isn’t my thing.

But I could, and did, package up a lot of it into a single book, and I am willing to sell that.

You may note that this book is coming at kind of an “off cycle” time. That’s correct. I generally publish on the 21st of every month.

However, we’ve made it a habit to always publish something on Jan 12th, Jeff Bezos’ birthday. And generally, it’s a B4B.

I understand that Amazon is not my friend. However, by being able to indie publish on Amazon, I’m now a full-time writer. As is Blaze. While we are in the process of growing our business so that all our eggs are NOT in the single Amazon basket, the reality is that we still sell the most titles on that platform.

So happy birthday Jeff! Thank you for giving me a distribution service that currently supports me.

I’m including two links – one to Amazon, and one to the KRP page which gives the links to other platforms as well, because I never want to dictate to a reader which platform they must use.

I hope that if you do pick up a copy of this book that you not only enjoy it, but possibly learn something about yourself in the process as well.