Let’s take a look back at this week…

Monday: I was feeling so much better. Stronger, getting well. Blaze even pointed out that at one point, I was walking faster than he was, which is generally the norm.

Monday PM: Went to the dentist’s office. If I was just having my teeth cleaned, it probably wouldn’t have been a problem. But I was also getting prep for a crown. I was there for three hours, and felt awful by the time I left.

Tuesday AM: Still felt bad. Did too much, pushed too hard in the AM. By Tuesday afternoon, I was just crawling. Plus, ate food I shouldn’t have.

Wednesday: Food poisoning from Tuesday. Yuk. Pretty sick and weak. See my PT in the PM, and she fixes a lot of things.

Thursday: Healing. Feeling better. Stronger. But I’m starting to come down with a cold sore on the side of my mouth where the dentist was working.

Friday: Much stronger and better. Actually writing this standing up. But the cold sores have gotten worse, and the infection has spread down all along the side of my throat, so the entire left side of my face/neck ache. I don’t really have a voice yet.

Tomorrow: Who knows? I’m anticipating getting stronger and better still. Am continuing to really take it easy. No working out. Barely stretching. Will spend much of the weekend on my butt taking care of myself and getting better.

So – lesson learned. Even though I felt so much better by Monday, I shouldn’t have gone to the dentist. I figure that set me back a solid week.

I did manage 1000 words yesterday. I’m hoping to get in 3000 today. The story continues to develop and surprise me as I’m writing it. Just loving how it’s twisting together/apart. I am very much writing this one into total darkness. The plot that’s occurring is natural, a logical outgrowth of the creation myths and gods/goddesses I’d already developed. It thrills me when I realize that writer brain really knows what she’s doing if I just get out of the way and let her take over.

If you like twisty sorts of tales, you might also enjoy the Fantastic Detectives bundle that I’m a part of, over on Storybundle.