Change of Pace

I’m in Seattle this week, at the cutest Airbnb. I really like this place. It’s an old Craftsman that’s been converted. The couple who own the house live downstairs, while the upstairs has been turned into three (four?) little rooms for rent. My hosts are superhosts on Airbnb, and it shows. The room is all about the little touches, like the tile floor in the bathroom being heated in the morning. (Was a surprise this morning when I walked on it, but really nice.) I would stay here again. 

For right now I’m standing at the breakfast bar. I don’t plan on standing all day, that would be stupid at this point. I will stand for stretches of time, though, trying to build my strength back up.

Yesterday morning I did yoga. Not a lot. Instead of holding any pose for the count of 20 or 30, I only did to the count of 10. I didn’t do a focus/strength pose. I didn’t stretch as much. It was a very abbreviated yoga session. Still, it felt so good to get back to the mat!

This morning, I did a bodyweight exercise circuit set up by my trainer. It wasn’t a lot, believe me. It was actually perfect for where I’m at currently. So much less than I thought I could do, but in reality just the right amount.

Part of why I’m in Seattle is 24/7 internet access. This week I’m focused on IngramSpark and updating as well as uploading print books. My goal is to have all of our print books available and updated on IngramSpark by the end of the week. It’s about 130 books, so it will take some time. Most of the books were brought over from Createspace by IngramSparks for free. I need to update the metadata on all of those. But there were also 35 books that needed new ISBNs, that I’m going to have to upload myself.

The writing is going well. I did 17K last week. I’m at 45K for the month, on the 21st of the month. My goal is 62.5K, which I can easily do in the remaining 10 days. However, my period is coming. It will be here any day now. So I’ve actually gotten a little ahead for the month, so that when I’m unable to do 3000 words in a day, I won’t fall too far behind.

I love this book so much. The characters continue to surprise me, as does the plot. I just passed 30K in the novel, and I feel as though I’m at the halfway point.

But I figure that’s all from me this morning. Time to get back to the writing!

I hope that your week is going very well.

Here’s my view for the week.

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