I’m spending this week in Seattle, so I have internet access 24/7 and I can do a couple of big projects.

I’m staying at a cute AirBnB room on Capitol Hill, my old neighborhood. When I first moved to Seattle, I had a condo only a few blocks from here. It was an old building, and I had about 710 square feet.

This is another old building, probably about the same age, so maybe 1910, 1920. The floor is the original wood. There is an alcove around where the bed is. I would bet money that it used to be a Murphy bed, as those were very popular when this building was built – every unit in my old building had them.

It’s probably between 4-500 square feet. So it’s cozy, and just fine for what I’m doing, particularly since it has a full kitchen.

The bad thing about this place is the heat. Like my old building, this place has a central heater. All the radiators are hooked together. I don’t know where the thermostat is, in this building. In ours, it was in the front hallway. Which meant that if that front door was open for any time at all, the hallway grew cold and the rooms overheated.

That’s definitely the case here. It’s tropical. I’m forced to have the window open to make it bearable. But I’d rather that it was too hot than too cold.

Yesterday I had a full workday, and I fell back into a very old habit of mine: work for an hour, then go walk 1000 steps. I find it really difficult to do that out on the property. But in the city, I just go and do it. It’s so nice. I’ve been doing movement and mobility exercises that my coach assigned me, but it isn’t the same.

So yesterday I touched about 125 paper books, updating the metadata. CreateSpace had only allowed for five keywords, Amazon allows for seven keyword slots each with 50 characters. I did a lot of copy-paste in terms of keywords. Createspace also only allowed one category, while Amazon allows two. Sometimes the blurb was messed up.

It took me about seven hours of work, with breaks. Really glad I did it.

There are books that I need to update today. And other work that I need to do. I will get it all done, though I could really use another day. I will do this again in January, to update the metadata on all the books that IngramSpark brings over. Probably come in on Monday and leave Friday morning, instead of leaving Thursday.

I’ve also been writing in the mornings. I figure I’ll finish the current story today – there are only a couple more scenes to write on that. Then I start the next story. (^_^)

And speaking of which, it’s about that time. More later on my thoughts about productivity and taking time off and avoiding burnout.

Hope your week is going well!