Mouse! In the tiny house!

I was gone most of yesterday afternoon, between going to the library, the gym, and the grocery store.
When I got home, I discovered that my cat had hacked up a hairball on the quilt hanging off the edge of my bed in the tiny house.
Imagine my surprise when I took the bed apart and discovered that a mouse had chewed up a portion of the sheets!
We pulled the bed out from the wall and discovered mouse poop along the edge. Not a lot, so I’m assuming a single mouse. And that was the only place we found it. Still not exactly sure how the mouse got in. Or, quite frankly, how to prevent it from returning.
The good news is that I do have a cat who’s a good hunter. If the mouse returns and she sees it, it’s dead.
I had a rat slip through a crack in the upstairs window of the John Street house once. The rat pooped on the windowsill where it got in. And that was about it. I don’t think it made it three feet from the window before Kiera nailed it. Left it for me, didn’t eat it.
I doubt the mouse has already been killed. Kiera probably wouldn’t have eaten it if she did kill it.
That was my excitement from yesterday. Otherwise, a kind of normal day, writing and working and going to the gym.
Currently, I’m trying to make it to the gym everyday. My physical therapist wants me rebuilding the functional strength in my knees. I’m using the elliptical, increasing my time by one minute every day. I’m not increasing resistance or elevation at this point. Just easy movement. My physical therapist would like for me to be using the stationary bike instead, but it still hurts to do that.
I do think my knees are finally healing. They don’t hurt like they used to. I’m still having issues squatting. My knee clicks in a disconcerting manner. It’s fine once I’ve squatted down, but the transition state is painful.
I think that’s it from me this morning. Time to get back to the story. Am SO HAPPY with how it’s going and what it’s doing. Don’t know how long the last story of these five will be. Don’t really care – all together, it’s over 40K, which makes it a novel as far as I’m concerned.
Hope that your week is going well!
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