Mostly Good News

Went to see Dr. Amy, my physical therapist, yesterday. My patella is finally moving again. Yay! Plus, most of the inflammation has gone down. Though I’m still a little puffy in spots, for the first time since the end of October, my entire knee/leg is not all swollen up.

For the next week, I’m to do pretty much the same as I have been doing. Baby my knees. Ice. Exercises she assigned twice a day. Get to the gym when I can and do a machine, but only for 10 minutes. Wear knee braces when I’m going to be standing for a long period of time, like, for example, when I’m writing. Yada.

Other good news – I had expected, based on the headache yesterday, that I was going to end up in pain most of the day. Much to my surprise, the headache had faded away to just vague pain behind my eyes by the time I’d finished my tea. By the time I finished writing – 3000 words by 11 AM – the head ache was gone. And I had a really good day for the rest of the day.

Don’t know if the exercise I did yesterday morning was the key to turning that pain around or not.

This morning, I have yet another headache. I figure it’s hormones. Last month I had four days in a row of a headache, though I had a lot of other symptoms as well, like cramps. This month, maybe all I’m getting is the headache? I don’t know.

My hope is that this headache also goes away. We’ll see. It feels a bit more entrenched than the last one. (Still planning on writing, as I do seem to have some brain.)

I didn’t feel as productive yesterday, even though I did all the things on my list as well as a couple of other things. A big part of my dissatisfaction, I think, is based on how I did those things.

When you upload a book to KDP for print, the system processes the cover and interior for a while. For a good long while. I’ve timed it. It’s been as long as 20 minutes. It’s such a long time that Amazon actually signs you out of your session and you will need to sign back in partway through. So I need to pay attention to the screen and not be doing three other things or else I’ll get timed out and have to start from scratch.

I had a bunch of print book things to do on KDP yesterday. I know they were the most important things because I felt embarrassed that I hadn’t done the work. (Most important = generally the most uncomfortable and the things you procrastinate on the most.)

So I gave myself all the time I needed – 20 minutes per book. I had to update nine print books, as well as upload covers/interiors for another five.

And it took all the time I gave it. I did a few things while the process was running in the background. But by the end of the afternoon, I gave in and just watched “Top Chef” while I waited for the system to process stuff.

It’s all done, at least the Amazon part of it. I still need to load some of those books to IngramSpark. So while I might not have felt as satisfied, that wasn’t because I didn’t do the work. That process is just a bear.

I hope that you’re looking forward to your weekend! I am. We don’t have anything scheduled, not really. I’m just kind of looking forward to the downtime.

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