Holiday Decorating!

Last week we bought a Christmas tree, and finally, after our adventures with the tree stand, we got around to decorating it. So lots of pictures!

We got a U-Cut tree, a little taller than we’d originally planned, but it’s gorgeous.

I grew up with a strong tradition of Christmas and decorating the tree. When I was a kid, every year, my family would go to Holtzerman’s, (sp?) a shop that sold handblown glass ornaments. Each kid, as well as my parents, would get an ornament. We had two Christmas trees – the downstairs one that was the adult tree and had the prettier ornaments, then the upstairs tree for us kids.

In addition to Holtzerman’s, my mom and I had our own tradition. We’d get dressed up, go out to lunch at a restaurant (always a big deal when I was growing up), then go to “The Pretty Package” – a little boutique shop located at the corner of Nicollet Ave and Lake Diamond Road. Every year, she’d buy me a hand-painted wooden angel.

I have thirteen of those angels. I put them up every year, even when I don’t have a tree. 

This year, Blaze and I bought ornaments for our tree, together, so we can start our own traditions. Then he helped me do some of the decorating (because I had to go through the ornaments and make decisions about which ones I was keeping and which ones had no meaning and were getting donated someplace.)

So here are some pictures of the tree, as well as a few of the ornaments.

Unadorned Tree

Tree with just the lights

Blaze showing off his Christmas Balls

Leah and her new ornaments!

Hand painted wooden angel.

Another hand painted angel

Finished tree!

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