Bloodied Ice Now Available!


The last book of the Kickass Cassie Novels is now available!


I love Cassie. I’ve loved writing her and Hunter and the others who inhabit her universe.

But, it was time to finish the series. This book took a lot longer to write then I wanted it to take. I started it in 2017, and made great progress on it, got about 30K words finished, so just shy of halfway.

Then I had to put the book down. Not because I’d run out of ideas or was blocked.

No, that was when I really started construction on the tiny house. I learned, much to my chagrin, that I’m no longer 20-something. I need to rest. In addition, I cannot write when I’m physically exhausted. I think, when I was younger, I could push through some of that. At this point, I don’t get enough sleep or I’m not well, I can’t write.


I also learned that I needed focused time in order to write a novel. I could not work on the novel for a week, put it down and do construction for ten days, then pick the novel back up again. I was losing the plot, the voice, everything.

So I had to put the novel down. I worked on some short fiction in the meanwhile. Not a lot, but enough to keep the words flowing when I did have enough energy to write.

Finally, I was ready to pick Cassie back up. Took me an entire week to go through what I’d written, cleaning it up. Because I’d been putting the novel down then picking it back up again, there were continuity problems that I had to resolve before I could continue forward.

The rest of the novel kind of wrote itself. It was all there in my back-brain. The words flew out of my fingers. I think it shows, as the ending is really fast-paced.

Some of my favorite scenes of the entire series are in this novel, scenes that I’ve had in my head since I wrote the first novel, back in 2015.

You may or may not notice that I’ve also rebranded the entire series. It now has proper, dark urban fantasy covers. The covers have inspired me to write more urban fantasy, so watch this space!

Anyway. Here’s the blurb:

Cassie knows that Hunter bringing a date to the hockey game doesn’t presage the apocalypse.


Until a dead body falls out of a rainbow portal and lands on the ice during the game.

Okay, so maybe the end of the world looms. Can Cassie stop it, not just with sarcasm but also with a little help from her friends?

“Bloodied Ice”—the final novel in this face-paced urban fantasy series-resolves the issues of a corrupt corporation, gods who meddle with the fate of humanity, and answers whether or not mother really knows best.

Be sure to read all the novels in this series: “Poisoned Pearls”, “Tainted Waters”, and “Spoiled Harvest.”

All the books in the series are available at your favorite retailers!


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