I was supposed to spend yesterday in Portland. Take the train down, hang out with a friend, then take the train back.

Got up at o’dark 30, drove into the city, got my seat assignment for the train, yada. Though the automated system announced that the train was ready to board, we kept waiting.

Conductors said it would be 5-10 minutes.

Time passed.

Conductor finally announced that the engine needed to be replaced. They were going to disconnect the cars from the engine, drive it off, then bring in a new engine. Should take about 45 minutes.

So that would put me an hour late. I was okay with that.

Time passed.

Conductor said that it was okay, if our train was delayed so much that the next train, which left at 9:45, would leave first, we would all be transferred to that train. I wouldn’t have a lot of time in Portland, only about 2 hours, but I figured it would still be fine.

Time passed.

I was writing by this point, so not paying a lot of attention to what was going on.

It was after 9 when I looked up. Wondered if I needed to get a new seat assignment or something.

Found out that we were NOT automatically transferred to the 9:45, despite being told so. Other people just went and changed their reservation, and now the train was full. The first train they could get me out on was the 11:00.

That was not going to work. I cancelled my ticket, came back home.

Took myself out to lunch. There’a place near here that makes the best potato chips. Not too thin, not too thin, nicely crunchy. So I had a burger, salad, and chips.

Every site that I’ve read about perimenopause and ketosis all say that you need to get out of ketosis on a regular basis. I’m not sure why that is.

Between Thanksgiving, and then my birthday, I spent quite a few days out of ketosis. So I’ve just spent the last couple of weeks in ketosis continually, to try to balance it out.

Yesterday, I ate a lot of carbs for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’d expected that eating a plateful of chips, no matter how good they tasted, would make me feel heavy and overly full and Not Good.

Wasn’t the case at all. I felt – and this was the weird part – more grounded and balanced. Carbs weigh me down. I guess I needed that weight.

Not feeling great this morning, but I’m hoping that this is a passing phase, that as the day moves along I’ll feel better. May finish the story I was working on this morning (and hence, the novel). Which would mean starting the next novel tomorrow morning. (^_^) Life is good.

I hope your day is going according to plan!