As some of you may or may not remember, I injured my knee some time ago. While it had gotten better, I kept thinking that it had healed wrong. It remained sore and swollen. Plus, whenever I bent it wrong, there was just a lot of pain.

Turned out, I was correct. Went to see my physical therapist on Wednesday. My knee had healed wrong. The scar tissue had built up in such a way that the patella wasn’t really moving anymore.


So she spent an hour on it, working the muscles and getting everything loose again. Was in quite a bit of pain Wednesday night. She wanted me to stay on my feet for a few hours, to keep my knee moving, keep it loose. So I cooked Wednesday afternoon, went writing, and only then planted my butt on the couch and iced it. Followed almost immediately by a really long, hot soak in the tub.

Thursday morning my injured knee was still half again as big as the other. Didn’t do yoga, did still get to the mat and do stretching, etc. (Was supposed to be doing a body weight workout. That wasn’t going to happen while my knee was in such bad shape.)

By the end of the day on Thursday, after I’d iced it a few times, as well as kept moving it, walking around the house some, my knee had stopped aching so much and just felt stiff.

This morning, my knee is so much better! Only slightly swollen and no where near as sore as it had been. Best of all, I feel as though it’s finally healing right. It’s moving much more easily.

One of the issues I’ve been having is that whenever I bend my knee, somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees, it clicks. My physical therapist thinks that’s the IT band sliding across the bones. Yeah, not fun.

The clicking hasn’t gone away. However, for the first time, it’s now a lot quieter. I can still feel it if I am touching my knee when I bend it. But it’s finally starting to heal as well.

Today is a typical day for us. Writing in the morning. Lunch for me (as I only have tea and not anything to eat most mornings.) Then we’re going to the gym. My physical therapist said I can be as active as I like, as long as whatever I do doesn’t physically hurt.

I will try the elliptical, just to see if that will hurt my knee or not. If it does, I’ll get off it and go back to the treadmill. Not going to walk for 30 minutes at speed. Am going to walk at least 10 minutes to start strengthening it.

My physical therapist wants me to walk, to keep my knee strong. At least this time I feel as though the walking is going to help as it’s healing right, now.

I hope that your “Black Friday” isn’t that black at all!