The cold is lingering. Not because it’s that awful of a cold, but because I haven’t been able to sleep for the last two nights.
Let me explain.
Monday I felt fine. Was planning on going back to the gym on Tuesday.
Then, Monday night, I couldn’t fall asleep. Couldn’t figure out why. Eventually realized that though I wasn’t very congested, I was just bad enough that I needed to sleep on two pillows again.
Didn’t figure that out until 1 AM though, and only slept until 5:30.
Because I had no reserves, with only a few hours of sleep, the cold made a come back.
I did write. 3000 words. But I didn’t go to the gym and try to get my steps in, which is why I consider myself only halfway there, back on that horse.
Last night, Kiera got sick. I’m wondering if part of her being so cuddly the last few days was the start of her not feeling well. (She has voluntarily climbed into my lap every day for the last three days.)
However. Sick cat + diarrhea + tiny house = Not Good
I will spare you the details except to say that it’s been smelly.
I would have slept last night just fine, except for having to get up twice to clean up after the cat.
The good news is that my cold symptoms are even more mild today than yesterday. I will write this morning, get in another 3000 words. I will probably nap this afternoon.
What I won’t do is go to the gym, or push myself to walk 10K steps. I had planned on starting that this week. Not going to happen. Halfway there. Need to get well before I push physically.
Tonight we will be at Ristrettos’s coffeeshop and wine bar, from 6:30 – 8:30, for anyone who wants to join us, oh, say, if you’re doing nano or something.
ETA: I couldn’t post this earlier because we had crappy internet out at the farm today, so I’m not posting this until the evening. But the kitty is feeling MUCH better. Her eyes are brighter, and she ate most of her food today. She even wanted to play a little. So I am less worried.