Falling Off the Damned Horse

So I set myself some goals, some writing and exercise goals, and what happens?

I’ve come down with a damned cold.

Woke up yesterday a little sniffly. Not too bad. Took some DayQuil, went about my day. Wrote 1100 words (more on that later).

I was tired all day, not a lot of energy, but was doing fine until about 5 PM. Then, over the course of about 20 minutes, I went from, “Eh. Mild cold,” to “Holy shit, I’ve become a snot factory!” Spent the rest of the evening sneezing and hacking and blowing my nose.

One of the tricks I’ve learned when I get like this is to sleep on two pillows. Being elevated just that little bit really helps me sleep when I’m congested, and this morning, I’m back to, “Eh. Mild cold,” in terms of symptoms.

About the writing yesterday. I had more words. I probably could have done between 2-3000 total.

I was tired so I was sitting on the couch instead of standing and writing. My kitty was sitting with me to start. She was perpendicular to me, with the front third of her body draped over my legs, which is a usual position for her. To me, she looks very possessive when she’s laying like that, as if she wants to hold me in place.

After an hour and 1100 words, I got up, took a break, then sat back down ready to write some more.

Except that Kiera had a different idea. Instead of curling back up next to me, she crawled into my lap.

My cat is *not* a lap kitty. It would probably take only the fingers of one hand to count the number of times she’s voluntarily climbed into my lap. (I do sometimes pick her up and put her there, scratching her and making her purr.)

I can’t type on the laptop when my cat is in my lap. But she was determined to stay. I shifted my legs around and she shifted with me, laying back down and purring some more.

As this is such an infrequent occurrence, I read things on my phone instead of writing more.

No idea what she’ll do today. Just finished making my tea, am about to sit down with the writing computer and see if I have at least a few words. Kiera is 13ish – Vet thinks she was about a year old when I got her, and I’ve had her for 12 years. Don’t know if she’s changed, or yesterday was a fluke.

Anyway. I hope your weekend has been going better than mine!

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