Am feeling MUCH better this morning. Thank you for all of your well wishes! I didn’t do much yesterday. My main job was to get well. I did write 1000 words (with the kitty in my lap!) As well as a few publishing things that were brainless. I did have a spat of energy midday, so did some more creative things.

About 4 PM (which was actually 5 PM, due to DST) I crashed hard again. Not as hard as the day before – I didn’t become a snot factory. I did, however, suddenly get congested, and had to go nap for a while.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that was pretty normal for me. I have daily cycles. Rhythms that I noticed decades ago.

Mornings are generally best for me to write. Not because that’s the time I’m most awake, but because that’s my most creative time.

I’m fully awake and pretty sharp midday. That’s when I answer email that takes thought, or do publishing stuff that takes brain.

Then, around 4-5 PM, I crash. It isn’t always as noticeable as the last couple of days. But generally speaking, between 5-7 PM is my down time. I’m tired, I’m not processing as well, and so on. I always felt bad when I had a day job and I goofed off the last hour, though I would sometimes make that up by working again later in the evening.

Around 8 PM, I’m ready to go again. Frequently I’ll work hard from 8-10 PM.

The afternoon crash isn’t due to a sugar crash – I don’t eat SAD (a Standard American Diet) – so my blood sugar tends to stay consistent through the day, and I don’t spike and crash. These are just my daily rhythms.

About the kitty – yes, she decided to be in my lap again yesterday morning. We’ve moved back to the tiny house, and I think she’d like for me to sit again. I have enough energy to stand, so we’ll see.

Mondays are always a slow start for me, mainly because I do switch houses. It takes several trips before I finally grab the kitty, what remains of her food, and come over here. Plus, I have to feed the birds and I need to settle in. I don’t switch contexts quickly, I never have. Even though I do this every week.

It’s beautiful over here. Quiet. Though when it rains, it’s louder. The main house is solidly built, and it has to be raining really hard to hear it. Over here, I get to hear the wind and the rain. I have as many windows in the tiny house as we have in the main house, so I feel as though I am closer to the outdoors over here.

I think that’s about it for me today. I’m curious of other people have daily rhythms that they’re aware of.

I hope the rest of your week goes exceedingly well!