Yesterday was a rough day. I wrote 500 words, but they were a struggle. I was out of it all day. Had coffee in the afternoon, took two naps, and was still in bed before 9:30. Didn’t really start to recover until later in the evening, and I managed to accomplish a few things. Not many.
Comparatively, today is a much better day. I’m probably going to get in a full 3000 words. I no longer hurt, and I have much more brain (though there’s probably another nap in my future.)
So why am I so grateful? Given yesterday, and how I’m feeling this morning? Let me count the ways.
In the not so distant past, instead of feeling bad, I would have had an awful migraine. Yesterday morning, I would have gotten up out of bed, fetched an ice pillow and gone back to bed. (I keep two, flannel covered, bean-filled pillows in the freezer.) I probably wouldn’t have gotten up much before noon. I would have been in pain, not just for a single day but more than likely, for two to three days. Then I’d have a couple days of recovery.
I would not have been able to write. I wouldn’t have been able to do much of anything. I wouldn’t be in recovery like I am today.
Don’t get me wrong. Yesterday wasn’t pleasant. But it could have been so much worse.
I will always be grateful to my two friends who were talking about going back on the Wahl’s protocol diet, and encouraged me to do the same. Then the world migraine summit, where I listened to Dr. T for the first time (and then devoured his his book that afternoon.)
Those two occurrences brought me to where I am today.
I have had THREE migraines so far in 2018. Compare that to 12-15 migraines PER MONTH for years before this.
So even on the bad days, I will continue to feel gratitude, because I will always remember how bad it once was.
Wahl’s protocol:
And yes, I know, it’s a spammy name. And yes, they’re going to try to sell you stuff. But Dr. T is a neurologist who specializes in migraines, and a LOT of people have been helped through his work.
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