A friend of mine, someone who I don’t see in the flesh often but who I see on Facebook all the time, commented that it seemed to her, from the outside, that my writing had really taken a turn and that I was producing much more.

I think she’s right. I think I’m getting to the page much more regularly, and that I’m producing more.

I had at first attributed this to my health, which honestly is better since I started back hardcore Keto in the middle of September.

However, I’ve had a couple of colds this fall. And this last week (including today) hasn’t been great.

I finally realized that in addition to my health in general being better, I’ve had a big change of attitude.

I think it was August when I made the decision to change my word count goals. Instead of trying to reach a goal of 3000 words per day, I broke it down.

3000 on the good days
1500 on the okay days
500 on the bad days

That way, when I woke up and felt awful, instead of facing the momentous task of 3000 words, not wanting to even start because I knew I would fail, I only had to do 500. Which generally turned into 800 or even 1000.

There were still days when even 500 was too much. Fewer, though.

Plus, I’d changed my attitude about the rough days, in general.

Instead of bemoaning all the things that I couldn’t do that day, I focused on what I COULD do. What CAN I do when I feel like crap? What CAN I accomplish today, despite the headache?

That one simple change has been really profound. I am much more productive on the days when normally, I’d introvert hard and just sit and play games on my phone.

So I’ll leave you with that simple question this Monday morning – what CAN you do today? What is possible? As opposed to focusing on what is not?

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