As a writer, particularly as an indie published writer, it’s always difficult to figure out when you should celebrate a book being finished.

Should it be when you finish the first draft? But then there are all these editing steps, going to first readers, copyediting, etc.

Should it be when I put the book up for preorder? It means I’m kinda finished with it. But no one else can read it yet.

Or should it be when the book is generally available? Except that chances are, I’ve written a novel or two in the meanwhile and that book is so three days ago…

I did finish a novel this morning. (YAY! GO ME!)

This book is the third novel in a trilogy. I just figured out that while I was happy I had finished the other two novels, I didn’t want to celebrate until now, when I had completed the entire trilogy.

Now, the project is complete, at least as far as my brain is concerned. We’re going out to eat tonight (as we do every Wednesday) and I’ll be getting a glass of wine at Ristretto’s afterward. (Yay! Go me!)

Sure, there’s more work to be done. Editing, copyediting, formatting, covers, blurbs, etc.

But for this project, I’m done. And I feel REALLY GOOD about it.

I am also looking forward to starting the next project tomorrow. Writing a “short” story for Boundary Shock Quarterly, the upcoming issue titled: Ray Guns and Space Babes. I have a great idea and it’s going to be a lot of fun to write.

The reason why I call it a “short” story is because I recognize that this is a longer idea. My goal is to keep the story around 11K words. Failing that, I need to make sure that it’s less than 20K.

As I was explaining to a friend recently, I’m really pleased with what I’ve done recently, as well as where I’m going.

Life is good.

I hope that your Wednesday is going just as well!