One of the things that I’m really good at is building habits. When I consciously try to build a habit, it grows really strong, to the point that it feels bad when I don’t do it. Such as my words before anyone else’s, or doing yoga every morning.

When I just fall into a pattern, those habits aren’t as strong, and are more easily broken. Which is a good thing, as those habits tend to be the one that are bad for me, like playing games on my phone. (^_^)

The downside to being capable of forming such strong habits is that I don’t give myself credit when I do these things. It’s just something I do. It’s also why I don’t think of myself as extremely disciplined. Discipline, to me, implies having to do things that you don’t want to do. I don’t think about my habits. I just do them.

For example – I do yoga almost every day. My goal is to now get to the mat every day, just to stretch even if I don’t do a full yoga routine. I do not give myself credit for this though.

I am 56 years old, about to turn 57, and I do a 20-30 minute yoga and stretching routine every morning.

This is something that I should – not necessarily celebrate – but at least acknowledge that hey! I’m not a complete sluggard after all.

As you may or may not recall, I’ve hired a coach from Nerd Fitness, doing their one-on-one training. One of my primary goals is to get back in the habit of movement. I’d like to get stronger, too. (I first typed, “I’d like to get strong again.” This is part of the not giving myself credit for the fact that I’m back to doing 20 pushups every morning before I start my yoga. I do already have some strength.)

This morning, instead of my usual yoga routine, I did the beginning body weight circuit developed by my coach.

OMG. Yes. This really worked for me. I can see making this part of my usual habits.

I’m starting off slow and ridiculously easy (for me.) I think this is smart. This is the proposed workout for “survival mode” – on those mornings when I’m feeling really rough. I’ll be at this mode for at least a week, maybe two, to start with.

But I’m going to make this a habit. It’s different movements for making me stronger. And I like that.

I need to stay conscious, though, that I am doing the work necessary to get stronger. That it doesn’t just “happen.” And that I can be proud of myself for my accomplishments.

Now, back to the fiction. I feel as though I just hit the halfway point of the story, at 9000 words. Oops. Need to try to bring it in under 20K…