I’ve been having a rough (really rough) time the last few days. Feels as though my period is about to start, have cramps and not feeling good, but then it never comes.

A while ago, I signed up for the Nerd Fitness one-on-one coaching, just to see if that could help me get back into a habit of moving. Plus, I have always loved Nerd Fitness, and since I was planning on hiring a trainer for a while, I figured, why not give my money to an organization that I truly believe in?

Yesterday I had my first hour+ conversation with my coach.

Wow. I’m pretty sure I made the right decision going with them.

First off, they matched me with a coach who reads. In her bio, she says she’s all about the words. As a writer, that’s kind of awesome.

Next, she has other clients who do Wahls’ Protocol, so I didn’t have to educate her about my diet (which had been a fear of mine.)

In addition, she had postpartum depression herself, and so is certified as a pre- and postpartum trainer. Now, while that isn’t my situation, it means she’s aware of all the hormone issues.

And not only all of that, I’m sure as part of the Nerd Fitness training, she was all about communication styles and how to support me, etc. Which was awesome. 

As she has other clients who deal with hormones, she is going to develop two separate workouts for me – the regular body weight one as well as “survival mode”. Basically, cutting back on the bad days.

Now, I told her that for the writing, on a good day I do 3000 words. On the bad days, I only expect 500.

Later on, she talked about how that’s only 15% of my regular output. So that was what she was going to gear the survival mode workout toward.

My first reaction? Oh, I could do more than that.

I didn’t say that out loud. I just laughed at myself, and keep laughing at myself.

Anyone who has met me, and evidently my coach, figures out pretty quickly that I’m an “all in” kind of gal. I’m not one for half measures. Never really learned moderation.

But this morning, I feel proud of myself. I am feeling NOT 100%. Still got to the mat and did yoga.

I didn’t do a full workout, however. I only did about half.

And that is what I need to teach myself. That on the days I feel bad, it’s okay to not do everything as fully as I normally do. That it’s okay to just stretch those days.

I just have to get to my mat every day. That’s key. So that I still feel as though I’m doing something, however little that may seem.

So yes. All in. At least to some degree. Even on the days when I need to take it easy.